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Project Description

p2csv (Permission to CSV) is a small jQuery plugin that makes easy and fast the task to export SharePoint sites, lists and libraries permissions, creating a clean and readable CSV file.
It's full compatible with SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013.


- jQuery 1.8+ [link]
- SPServices 0.72  [link]

Latest news

[2013/ September] - An updated version is available :D


- Read the documentation first! 
- Use the discussion tab!
- Fell free to suggest fixes, changes and improvements :D

Personal Notes

My name is Tarcísio Gambin and nowadays I'm a SharePoint Consultant.

Since I started to working with SPServices library from Marc Anderson, I'm creating few 'plugins' that communicate with SharePoint web services, to make some boring (or not simple) tasks easier to me and my customers.

Permissions to CSV (aka p2csv) is one of them created on free times intended to help me to easily export permissions of sites, lists and libraries without installing third-party solutions, browsing a lot of urls (and sorting, listing, paging...), querying SQL, and many other (non recommended approaches), just to create a simple report!

I hope it can also helps you :)

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